Voice Overs and Dubbing
When talking to hard-pressed business people, you've got to be clear and direct, respectful of their time. And when you're operating in a different language or culture, it's imperative that you pay close attention to the conventions and nuances that make your messages ring true... authentic and native. 
ADAPT unique blend of talent and technology resources enables us to transpose your projects from their original language to new versions that not only "translate" to the target market, but which also maintain the sense and energy of the original content.

We have an in-depth understanding of international requirements. We listen to you carefully and offer suggestions that will enhance your project. We've structured our "One-Source Solution" to relieve you of detail and to expedite delivery.

Voice Over, Dubbing and Lip-Synching

ADAPT Voice Bank features 1,000+ voices in more than 45 languages. Our state-of-the art recording and editing studios satisfy the standards of our most demanding clients.