Design and Typesetting

At ADAPT, our experienced typesetting teams are equipped with "state of the art" Macs and PCs with all the latest software. If you wish us to adapt existing material to work in another language, we make sure that the spirit of the original design is maintained. We accept documents in any format. You choose how you would like them delivered – web or print ready files, or printed and bound copies of your publication. Added to that, we have the experience to deal with even the most complex typesetting and printing requirements, no matter what the language or the complexity of the script.

The software that we use includes Quark XPress, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, InPage, PageMaker and Freehand, on both Mac and PC platforms. We also work with all the Microsoft software including Office, Publisher and Front Page.

Adapt L.S Areas of Multilingual

Typesetting Expertise

  Technical user guides
  Educational posters
  Teachers' resource guides
  Training manuals
  Informational booklets
  Advertising copy