Subtitles – Art of dealing with cultures and not just words

Subtitling is an art by itself, creating accurate and meaningful sentences. It is more than a mere translation of words. It is very crucial to understand the exact emotions portrayed in the script as well as on the screen. So, transforming the lines into natural speech with minimum space for creativity is not a task many would consider easy-to-do.

Yes, ADAPT LANGUAGE SERVICES provides a full range of foreign language and multilingual subtitling services. Leave your subtitling problems to ADAPT and you won’t have to worry about a thing. We will take care of the rest. Although we cover a wide spectrum of services, subtitling has had an increasingly important role in this ever-expanding world of telecommunications. As such, it has become mandatory to differentiate between an amateur from a professional translator who is able to properly localize the source message.

Providing translation services for over 45 languages! We are proud to have such a strong technical team of linguists who not only speak the language but are also fluent in the cultural aspects of the original source material as well as the target language. Most of our experts have at least 10 years of experience, are native speakers and make full use of their industry specific knowledge. It is almost as if your college professor is nearby translating all poems or prose for you to actually understand them…doesn’t that sound awesome?!


  • Movies – We have established longstanding relationships with leading entertainment studios like Warner Bros (WB), Upside Television and ATM Group. We fulfill all our clients’ needs by evolving our procedures to encompass the unique requirements for each individual project.
  • DVD – We can add subtitles to your DVD media in any language you wish thereby helping the user understand the content and feel comfortable about the variety of options provided to them.
  • Broadcast release for feature films– Having the right font size, color, drop shadows and scene to scene transition effects makes a feature film stand out-of-the-box. This is something we are well known for; building our reputation by giving even small ventured feature films a professional, big budget look and feel.
  • Television series – Our teams specialize in completing their projects well before the stipulated time and making them readily available to you for overview, refining and editing purposes. We can produce subtitles in any format including CD, DVD, Beta cam SP, DIV CAM and VHS.
  • Documentaries – A major factor in our success over the years has been our ability to provide you with high quality, accurate subtitling at an extremely competitive cost. These services have been taken advantage of by many documentary film makers, video bloggers and pod-casters including numerous Google and YouTube videos.

Quality is more important to us than anything else and with our internationally accredited subtitles you don’t have to compromise on it!Are you ready to explore the benefits of working with a world class subtitling studio that’s easy on your pocketbook? So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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