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Certified and professional translation in a micro scale at a macro level

Words are never just a mere array of letters. They are designed to express an idea, emotion, and event or to simply set a tone.The selection of the proper vernacular is particularly important when providing a translation into another language. If the selected terminology doesn’t properly express the feel and content of the original message then the ultimate purpose of translation goes in vain! Nowadays, we all live and travel in a world where business revolves on a global scale; so translating business, technical, legal, medical and other important material has become a crucial necessity. Language has often been considered a barrier but with the help of ADAPT you can made that an issue of the past.

We do it with ease at ADAPT LS; our robust technical team comprises of more than 2000 linguists. Our team members are native speakers of the target language with industry specific expertise in just about every field imaginable. With more than 10 years of experience and command over translation services forever 45 languages… we stand out by satisfying our customer’s requirements beyond their expectation.

We can assist in setting your roots in a foreign soil with minimal risk by providing you with certified and professional translation teams… ensuring that only persons with thorough knowledge over the legal and regulatory works of the source and target language handle your documents.

Our services involve property, patent, annual report, license, marriage paper, litigation, expert report, witness statement, contract translations and much more. We have a well established relationship with the leading global business archives and new small scale ventures too. We give our utmost efforts to achieve the best possible results no matter who our client is.

We make the process of translating your document is very simple. All you have to do is,

  • Mail or post your document to be translated ( or attach it to our website directly)
  • Once you agree to our quotation, you’re already halfway done
  • We strive to send you the translated copies well before the estimated deadline

Payment charges vary depending on the size of the document that is being translated. We check all completed work using our in-depth Quality Assurance process to present you with a document that is completely accurate. In the rare case where corrections may be required, our expert teams are always on standby and ready, permitting us to ensure it is completed without affecting your deadline requirements.

We are quality without compromise. Continuous efforts are made to maintain the accuracy and clarity of our end-product to ensure that all users completely understand the message being conveyed. The ultimate purpose of any translation or localization is to create a seamless conversion of the content so speakers of both the source and target language receive the same message.

Take control of your direct communications with your international end-users. We understand that the proper translation of each sentence in every document is extremely crucial. We concern ourselves with the details so you don’t have to. So whenever you need a professional and certified translation your needs end when you start with ADAPT LS.

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