Stop worrying about your legal translation needs

Do you have legal documentation requiring localization from English into another language or a foreign legal document you need translated into English? Are you looking for qualified translators who will always provide you with accurate and professional results? Adapt Language Services; located in South Lake Tahoe, California has over a decade of experience with legal translation services available for more than 45 languages.

Legal translations
Adapt Language Services offers legal translations for any and all official court documents including summonses, contracts, insurance claims and court case transcripts.

All of our

Certified and Professional Translation Services

Certified and professional translation in a micro scale at a macro level

Words are never just a mere array of letters. They are designed to express an idea, emotion, and event or to simply set a tone.The selection of the proper vernacular is particularly important when providing a translation into another language. If the selected terminology doesn

Adaptls Dubbing Services – Localize before you go global !

Are you looking to take a project that has been successful locally and target various audiences around the world? Adapt Language Services understands the most important factors in producing amazing localizations are talented voice actors, accurate translations, proper pacing and dedicated editing.

Subtitles – Art of dealing with cultures and not just words

Subtitling is an art by itself, creating accurate and meaningful sentences. It is more than a mere translation of words. It is very crucial to understand the exact emotions portrayed in the script as well as on the screen. So, transforming the lines into natural speech with minimum space for creativity is not a task many would consider easy-to-do.

Yes, ADAPT LANGUAGE SERVICES provides a full range of foreign language and multilingual subtitling services. Leave your subtitling problems to ADAPT and you won

Typesetting Services – We do more than arrange font here !

Have you ever had the feeling your readable content was boring or unattractive? Chances are it